Evolution F292-A Dehumidifier


  • Type Low Grain Refrigerant
  • Dimensions (H × W × D) 33.5 × 20.7 × 20.7 in. 
  • 85 × 52.5 × 52.5 cm
  • Weight 92 lbs. | 42 kg 
Rapid dehumidification is the cornerstone of environmental control, and the Evolution LGR delivers. Drawing only 5.6 amps, the Evolution removes up to 70 pints per day, making it the perfect choice for the quick dry-out. The unit is highly portable, weighing in at 92 pounds and only 33 inches tall. The tough polyethylene housing resists dents and won’t rust, and is backed by the Dri-Eaz limited life-time warranty. Ramp up your drying performance with the Evolution LGR!

LGR technology. Keeps pulling moisture below 40 grains per pound so that deep drying can occur.

Compact size. Lightweight, easy to maneuver, and highly versatile.

Improved hose wrap.
 Recessed, quick-release design keeps drain hose free of kinks.

Low amp draw
 – only 5 amps. Lower draw means higher efficiency and reduced problems with heat on the job.

Advanced filtration.
 HAF filters rated twice as efficient as washable foam.

Protected touchpad. Recessed digital control panel for protection. Easy-to-use controls in four languages.

Automatic pump purge. Automatic pump cycles every six minutes to eliminate overflow.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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