1-Ton Multiquip AR13HA Vibratory Roller


The workhorse for asphalt contractors, this articulated, vibratory roller can be deployed on many jobs usually reserved for larger asphalt rollers. A wise investment for every contractor who is looking for dependability and productivity.
  • Articulated movement with power-assist provides accurate, positive steering control and increases maneuverability in confined job sites.
  • Oscillation up to 11 degrees maintains drum contact to the surface.
  • Hydrostatic drive with infinitely variable speed control for forward and reverse speeds allows for smooth starts and stops.
  • Large 40-gallon (180 liters) poly water tank is equipped with a water level sight gauge and provides the industry’s longest intervals between fill-ups.
  • 1 1/4-inch (32 mm) right side clearance allows close operations near walls and obstructions.
  • Curb clearance of 19 inches (483 mm) insures flush compaction to the curb.
  • Unobstructed driver visibility — open, uncluttered operator’s platform allows for clear views.
  • Superb engine panel access to all engine and hydraulic maintenance components.
  • ROPS and seatbelts standard.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

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