Hydraulic Auger (11 HP)

Little Beaver Hydraulic Earth Drill

The Little Beaver Hydraulic Earth Drill Power Source has a high horsepower Honda GX340 Engine and features reversibility, durability, and ensures safety for a productive drilling operation. The hydraulic design offers high torque ideal for drilling heavy clay soils, rocky soils, or frozen solids. This General Purpose Power Source powers earth drills and other hydraulic tools including concrete saws, breakers, tampers, and chain saws. This versatile power source features an attaching point for the torque tube, oil cooler with 10″ fan and a 4 gallon fuel tank for dependable, all day operation. The 150 rmp motor generates enough torque to drive augers 9-16″ in diameter depending on the handle used and soil conditions. We offer a wide variety of handles, augers, extensions, blades, and points to choose from that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • One Man Handle: Designed For Ordinary Drilling Tasks, Drives Augers Up To 9″ In Diameter
  • Ideal For Heavy, Rocky Or Frozen Solids
  • Increases Productivity And Cuts Labor Costs
  • Two Rear Handles For Moving Power Supply With Ease
  • Swiveling Front Wheel Allows For Superior Movement
  • Hydraulic Design Offers Durable Body And High Torque
  • Reversible Drive Allows For Easy Lifting Out Of Holes
  • Can Drive Augers 9-16″ In Diameter Depending On Handle Used

Spec Sheet (PDF)